Quizlet – More than Just Flashcards

Screenshot_20181212-144917_QuizletWhat’s To Love About This App

One of the great things about Quizlet is that the free version is not just a hollowed-out taster, void of all the features that would actually make it worth its download. It’s great in its own right, includes almost all the same features as the paid one and is a totally usable app before you’ve even spent a dime.

So…    where’s the catch?

Well as with most free apps, there are adverts in the free version of Quizlet. However, they are nothing in comparison to the agressive advertising you see in some apps (yeah I’m talking to you, World Map Quiz…20 second ads…Have you no shame??…).

Anyway before I get all riled up over another app entirely…

Here are some of the features that make Quizlet worth the download:  

Vocabulary Lists: DIY or Ready-Made – You Choose

Eager to get started? Choose from one of the hundreds of vocab lists that have already been created. Can’t quite find what you’re looking for? No problem, you can also compile your own vocab lists (even in the free version).

A Variety of Exercises

Once you’ve got your lists sorted, choose from one of the 5 activities offered in the app – multiple choice, match the pairs, flashcards with audio, spelling practise or a good old fashioned test! The variety of activities work great together so that you’re not only improving your passive vocabulary (the words you recognise) but also extending your active vocabulary (the words you can say or write without having to think) …and who doesn’t want that?

Learn Offline

Now we get to the main advantage of paying for Quizlet – offline access. When your data is running low and wifi is nowhere to be seen, the paid version certainly seems  very tempting. If you think you’ll regularly want to use the app at times when you  are unlikely to have internet access, paying for the app may well be worth it.

Thanks For Reading!

So that was my quick overview of the app, if you think I’ve missed any important features or if you’re already using Quizlet and want to share your thoughts on the app, write in the comments section below.

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